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Tax Provision

Tax Provision Services

In today's complex regulatory environment, the accuracy of income tax accounts and disclosures in financial statements is paramount. At Wong & Shao CPAs, we prioritize precision and compliance in tax accounting to help our clients navigate the intricacies of ASC 740 with confidence.

Our Expertise in ASC 740

With extensive experience in tax provision and compliance, we offer comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring clarity and accuracy in financial reporting:

  • ASC 740 Preparation Service: We provide thorough preparation services for ASC 740, ensuring that your financial statements reflect accurate and compliant tax accounting.

  • ASC 740 Consultations: Our experts are available to guide you through the complexities of tax provision rules, helping you understand and implement ASC 740 effectively.

  • Client-Prepared Provision Assistance: We review and refine tax provisions prepared by your internal team, enhancing accuracy and compliance.

  • ASC 740 Onsite Training: Equip your staff with the knowledge they need through customized training sessions conducted at your location, designed to deepen understanding of ASC 740 requirements.

  • Deferred Tax Validation Assistance: We assist in validating deferred tax calculations, ensuring they are accurate and fully compliant with the latest regulations.

  • Contract Personnel: Should you need additional expertise on a temporary basis, we can provide skilled personnel to work alongside your team during critical periods such as year-end closing.


At Wong & Shao CPAs, we are dedicated to delivering tax provision services that not only meet but exceed the regulatory demands of today's business environment. Our goal is to ensure that your financial reporting is robust, compliant, and strategically aligned with your business objectives.

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